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Welcome to Philadelphia Guitar Summit. This is the 7th year for the Summit. I am proud to say it is thriving and moving in a positive direction. The direction I envisioned offers guitarists and music lovers a way to find benefit and joy in the wealth of this diverse instrument, the guitar. It's melody, it's  chords, it's a chord & melody. It's percussive, it's soft and sensitive, it's loud and raunchy. It's acoustic or electric, 4 strings 6 string, 7 or 8 string, five string too counting the banjo. Oh and let's not forget the 12 string guitar. So many variables. Jazz, classical, folk, rocks, blues and R& B, and many more genres.

The Philadelphia Guitar Summit 2016 will present Bass Off!  March 4, 2016 Featuring Philadelphia's own bassist Gerald Veasely and Cedric Napoleon. A workshop
on Music and the Human Experience facilitated by internationally known Jamaaladeen Tacuma will be held on February 5th, 2016. Monnette Sudler PGS World Music Ensemble with percussionist/berimbau Leonard "Doc" Gibbs,. Dave Doggett; pedal steel guitar. Bassist Tony "TNT" Jones, Liberian singer Princess Fatu Gayflor, Marcy Francis; vocals and shakere and Monnette Sudler lead guitar, vocals, kalimba and sengoni will once again rock the stage at Montgomery County Community College..

Note from Larry Coryell:
"This is to thank you Monnette for inviting me to experience the beautiful world of African inspired music at the concert we did for you December. I was deeply moved by the opening act (Kala Jojo) the players of which played with such versatility on African instruments that I could see an even clearer connection between modern day jazz and its roots in African culture. I look forward to being able to participate in or listen to more projects like that because they enhance not only veteran listeners like myself, but they are a great way to introduce new listeners to the totality of the richness of the African American experience."
Introducing something out of the ordinary each year keeps audiences enlightened as well as entertained. Last year was a huge success. I look forward to seeing you at the upcoming concert.
Please don't hesitate to share thoughts on any new guitarists.
Send me an email at

The Great Jazz Guitarists: The Ultimate Guide

by Scott Yanow


The prolific Scott Yanow has outdone even himself with this book, the most comprehensive guide to jazz guitarists ever published. With hundreds of dossiers and discographies on every major (and not so major) jazz guitar player of note, arranged in encyclopedia fashion, this is the final stop on anyone's tour of six-string wizards working the swinging side of the street. From Django Reinhardt and Charlie Christian to Pat Metheny, John McLaughlin and even Les Paul to Jeff Beck and beyond.
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